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The Internet has become a serious tool for e-business in Internet era

Now is the time to adapt new business models. Pioneers have shown how e-business can work, so can you. Choice is yours to become part of e-community in a wired world.

Our Mission


OrderWeb Rapid Web Application Development Framework

Sample Applications:

  • Web Ordering System with on-line & off-line capability
  • Traveling salesman capturing orders on his laptop and sending them to headquarters from remote locations
  • Uploading of POS data to headquarters & downloading most recent price list
  • Efficient data synchronization between remote branches
  • Any kind of distributed application utilizing Internet

Company Profile

The founder has 18 years full time IT experience

2 years lead developer on Medical Claims System for Doctor's Practices which included centralized hub service

4 years lead developer on Electronic Ordering System for Pharmacies which included centralized hub service

5 years senior developer at leading South African financial market software solutions provider where was focused on securities lending applications.

Contact Information

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OrderWeb Software CC
P.O.Box 9116
South Africa
+27 12 661 2194
086 681 8286
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